Comprehensive Breastfeeding and Sleep Course

$125 + HST

8-class, self-paced online course covering topics such as:

Understanding Sleep Science: Naps, False Starts, Wake Windows, Early Rising

Sleep  Associations: Pacifiers, Rocking, Bouncing, Feeding

Environment: SIDS Safety, Bedsharing, Creating the Perfect Environment 

Temperament: How it Affects Sleep

Nutrition: Full Breastfeeding Course

Bedtime and Naptime Routines: Dad and The Village

Common Sleep Interrupters: Sleep PRO-gressions, Teething, Travel and Illness

And more...

Each lesson is approximately 20 minutes and includes supporting PDF documents.  The Course can be accessed for up to 2 months.

Mommy Village

$250 + HST

Can't get out of the house to meet weekly with like-minded Moms? No problem! We have created a virtual village of moms so that you don't have to go through the first few months of being a new mom on your own.  

Our mommy village meets weekly on Mondays from 9:30-10:30 EST (webinar to be recorded if you cannot make it) for 6 WEEKS to discuss topics that are of interest to the group.

Our Mommy Village Package includes:

  • 1-hour weekly webinar to discuss topics of interest
  • 20-minute weekly phone check in with a Certified Baby-Led Sleep Coach to see how you are feeling.
  • A Facebook group to connect with other members of the Mommy Village
  • Articles and PDF's to further your understanding of topics discussed

This group will discuss a wide range of topics, not just sleep.



Newborn Sleep Education

$250 + HST

90 minute consultation and full intake analysis to discuss sleep foundations and sleep shaping. Topics covered will include:

- Sleep Environment

- Infant Feeding

- Emotional Wellness

- Sleep Science

- And more...

The education will be tailored to meet the needs of your unique family and baby.  


Sleep Course Reviews...

"The area of sleep where I have found the greatest success from this workshop is nap quality and ease of naps. My son can fall asleep with fewer and fewer associations lately and the time I spend with him getting to nap has gone from what I considered my least favourite and most stressful part of parenting to some of the most relaxing and bonding moments in our days. This has alleviated a lot of anxiety for me as I used to dread naptime 4 times a day."

“I am beyond grateful for this workshop, it has really changed everything for us! My 5 month old has gone from waking 6-8 times a night down to two (to actually eat)!!! The lesson on nutrition really helped us. I’d also like to say just how empowering and freeing it has been to go through this workshop. There are so many books and theory’s out there that made me question every little move I made in regards to his sleep and I suppose my parenting style overall. It has been so refreshing to be able to learn who my baby is and not try to stuff him into someone else’s expectations of what he should or should not be doing. I love how you approach topics that it may not work for every baby and you need to be able to learn who your baby is and experiment to find what works best for your baby. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you do!"

”This information is so helpful and life changing. It’s a shame it isn’t passed from generation to generation... or at least provided by our paediatricians.”