Sleep Training For 6 Months Old

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Sleep Training For 7 Months Old

Sleep Education and Sleep Plan

Are you interested in learning more about age-appropriate sleep behaviour? Do you want to know WHY your baby is waking at night and create a plan to support them and soothe them WITHOUT ANY FORMAL SLEEP TRAINING? This package is for parents who want to understand what 'normal' infant sleep looks like and how they can best support their baby through this stage.  We understand that your family is unique and that no two families have the same goals.  We encourage you to keep the pieces of your sleep routines that you love, and support you to make changes to the pieces that are not working.  We will always support bed-sharing and breastfeeding.

This package includes:

  • Preliminary evaluation.

  • Private 60-90 minute minute consultation.

  • A discussion around age-appropriate sleep and what is 'normal'.

  • A brainstorming session on how to get more sleep and the co-creation of a sleep plan.

  • Articles and handouts to further your understanding of sleep.

  • 3-month access to our Comprehensive Feeding and Sleep Course, 6-18 months

  • 4 weeks of support following the sleep plan call (up to 5 days per week)

Sleep Training For 8 Months Old

90 minute consultation and full intake analysis to discuss sleep foundations and sleep shaping. This is for babies UNDER 4 MONTHS. Topics covered will include:

  • Sleep Environment

  • Infant Feeding

  • Emotional Wellness

  • Sleep Science

  • And more...

The education will be tailored to meet the needs of your unique family and baby.  

Sleep Training For 9 Months Old

This hour-long phone consultation is perfect for families who have a great sleeper but are looking for a little bit of guidance or a bit of extra support for a specific sleep challenge. An initial consultation will be required to determine if this package will be right for you. The mini consult will include an intake form as well as an analysis of your intake.

Sleep Training For 6-18 Months Old

125 CAD + Applicable Taxes

8-class, self-paced online course covering topics such as:

  • Understanding Sleep Science: Naps, False Starts, Wake Windows, Early Rising, Split Nights

  • Sleep Associations: Pacifiers, Rocking, Bouncing, Feeding

  • Environment: SIDS Safety, Bedsharing, Creating the Perfect Sleep Environment

  • Temperament: How it Affects Sleep

  • Nutrition: Weaning Night Feeds, Complimentary Foods, Picky Eaters

  • Bedtime and Naptime Routines: Dad and The Village

  • Common Sleep Interrupters: Sleep PRO-gressions, Teething, Travel and Illness

  • And more...

Each lesson is approximately 20 minutes and includes supporting PDF documents. The Course can be accessed for up to 2 months.


"Baby led sleep is 'holistic factors + knowledge + science + individual baby + individual mother + individual factors = good sleep'."

"It is a really beautiful program that you’ve put together, I wish I had had the workshop months ago, so I would have had less time stressing out about sleep and schedules!"

"I felt validated to know that our culture puts unreasonable expectations on both Mom and baby, and that I need to better utilize my Village, because I’m not made to ‘do it all’."