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Comprehensive Sleep and Feeding Course, 0-5 Months

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THIS 8-CLASS, SELF-PACED ONLINE COURSE is perfect for parents of babies under 5 months who want to really understand infant sleep and feeding.  We will be providing you with science and fact-based information and talk all about the importance of following your instincts and your heart when it comes time to parenting your baby.


  • Understanding Sleep Science
  • Sleep Associations: Pacifiers, Rocking, Bouncing, Feeding
  • Environment: SIDS Safety, Bedsharing, Creating the Perfect Environment
  • Temperament: How it Affects Sleep
  • Nutrition: Full Breastfeeding Course
  • Bedtime and Naptime Routines: Dad and The Village
  • Common Sleep Interrupters: Sleep PRO-gressions, Teething, Travel and Illness
  • And more…

Each lesson is approximately 20 minutes and includes supporting PDF documents.  The Course can be accessed for up to 3 months.

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Posted 3 weeks ago

This course provides all of the information and research behind things that mothers feel instinctively. Having the evidence to back up what I feel in my gut has given me the confidence to move forward trusting my instincts. If you aren’t comfortable with sleep training - trust yourself! Don’t do it! Take this course instead, it will give you all of the reassurance and confidence you need.

Tee Bui
Posted 3 months ago
The assurance every moms need

No matter how many babies you have, you will always have that insecurities of not being able to do things right with little ones especially during early months. This course will definitely help you to understand WHY moms should follow instincts when it comes to baby's basic needs. I love how the course is filled with updated research and fact-based info.

Rosario Munoz
Posted 3 months ago
Great insights

I find this course great specially for first time mommies. Her advise back with my first one was the best I have received, which gave me the confidence on my parenting style. Now with my second one, this course provided the science behind which for me adds tons of value. Also on this training I got a refresh well needed. As she says every baby is unique ! Thank you!

Catherine Fox
Posted 3 months ago
Healthy approach to baby's sleep

This course made me feel a lot better about where we are with my 4 month old's sleep. The course takes a healthy and natural approach, which I have been struggling to find with so many extreme views and practices out there. I found it informative and reassuring. Thank you!!

Alice Coots
Posted 3 months ago
Wonderful Course! Very Informative

I loved this course! It was very informative on a range of topics. Lauren is deeply passionate and caring, and it shows. I learned so much regarding feeding, sleep, why sleep training is not recommended, and more. Lauren goes in depth on each topic and provides resources that are useful. I definitely recommend this course for every parent!

Kelly Trethewey
Posted 3 months ago
It’s never too late!

This course was very eye opening in regards to infant sleep and the many methods of sleep training. And furthermore, how awful they are for babies! Lauren emphasizes the needs for your baby to develop a strong and secure attachment with you and how that can positively improve their sleep.

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