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Toddler Bedtime Battles

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Are you finding bedtime with your toddler to be a challenge? Do you find bedtime to be the most frustrating part of the day? Are you dreading bedtime? Is your toddler running all over the room at bedtime? Do you find yourself negotiating with your toddler for hours at bedtime? If you are, then this course is for you.

In this course, Lauren, an ATTACHMENT-FOCUSED Sleep and Well-Being Specialist, will walk you through her top five reasons that your toddler is fighting bedtime.

You will absolutely come away with practical strategies that you can implement to make bedtime enjoyable again for your family.

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Posted 2 weeks ago
Absolutely loved this course!

So much information that is really easy to follow and digest. I truly feel like I now have the knowledge needed to make changes to pieces of bedtime I no longer enjoy and I now understand the importance of setting and holding a boundary. I love how passionate Lauren is and how she shares her experiences and providing the tools and information for us in a compassionate way.

Posted 4 weeks ago
Better understanding of Sleep!

This course definitely has helped me understand what is it that my child needs from me in order to help him with his needs before bedtime. These guidelines have been a big help!

Rebecca Urbanski
Posted 4 weeks ago
Mom's life CHANGED for the better.

I have been following Lauren for over a year and her approach completely changed my relationship with my child and her sleep. With her guidance and course, I was able to reconnected with what I KNEW WAS BEST for my child and my famliy creating my own naturing supportive approch, where I now have a GREAT AGE appropriate sleeper and new more realistic expectation - peace and happiness at bedtime

Shara Harke
Posted 4 weeks ago
Thoughtful, Amazing & Informative

I absolutely loved that this course started with an invitation to be open, self-reflective and vulnerable as Lauren so boldly does through her own parenting stories. This course was so comprehensive and looked at the whole picture - your unique child, situation, relationship and parenting values. I loved the opportunity to learn more and take some time to be reflective about my own parenting.

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What's your experience? We'd love to know!

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