"I first contacted Lauren desperate for some sleep. My daughter wanted to be latched all night waking me every hour. I became OBSESSED with the idea of a restful night. I interviewed three sleep coaches before Lauren. I even hired (then fired) one who pretended to use gentle techniques, or what my husband and I like to call ‘cry-it-out-while-we-watch'.

She had a few tricks up her sleeve that helped us almost instantly. Most importantly, we didn’t use ANY FORMAL SLEEP TRAINING that made my daughter cry. She also became a parenting guru for me when I was fighting some internal battles as a new mama. She reminded me to do what works best for ME and for HER, within reason. She basically brought me back my sanity. No amount of money in the world can truly compensate Lauren for how she has helped me. I will likely do the Expecting Mamas course for baby number two so things don’t have to get as bad as they did with baby one."