"Follow your heart rather than some stranger's sleep-training advice, and you and your baby will eventually work out the right nighttime parenting style for your family. " Dr. William Sears

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Infant & Child Sleep Coaching Services

At Isla-Grace, we support clients using the Baby-Led Sleep™ approach.

We created the Baby-Led Sleep™ approach to place an emphasis on a mother's intuition, and to put to rest the idea that following one's instincts and a good night's sleep cannot go hand-in-hand. 

With a desire to help families improve their sleep without resorting to sleep training, we have developed a program that:
- respects and nurtures the attachment system;
- supports the natural progression of development;
- gives parents an understanding of what “normal” baby sleep looks like;
- appreciates your baby’s still-developing brain and dominant survival impulse;
- encourages parents to believe and to follow their own instincts; and
- empowers a mother to make changes to improve the quality of her baby’s sleep.

Research on brain development validates that a mother’s instincts about her baby are best, and this vital fact is the foundation of our approach.
The Baby-Led Sleep™ approach will teach you how to connect with your baby on a deeper level and how to reinforce important feelings of safety and security so that when developmentally ready, your baby will be prepared and will know how to fall asleep.
Our approach will help you:
- understand realistic, age-appropriate expectations about sleep;
- learn about yourself as a parent and your impact on your baby’s sleep;
- be a responsive parent by listening to your child’s cues and dealing with them respectfully while supporting any distress, in an effort to build and nurture trust;
- create a safe sleep space;
- appreciate the emotional work required to support sleep, understand what causes sleep interruptions, and how sleep actually works; and
- use the tools that encourage better sleep for your baby, as well as help you gain control over the conditions that affect good sleep, such as your own behaviour, nutrition, environmental factors, routines, time, and “village” of support.

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