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Not sure which package will best address your sleep concerns? Schedule a free 30-minute preliminary phone evaluation and we will help you find the best support package for your individual needs.

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Sleep Education/Initial Intake Analysis

$250 + HST

This includes a thorough analysis of your sleep intake followed by a 90-minute sleep education to co-create your sleep plan.

Infant/Child Sleep Package - 2 months
$800 + HST
This package includes everything in the sleep coaching package above with 2 months of unlimited support.

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Hourly Rate 
$150 + HST
We are available for additional phone consultations at $150/hour.  A preliminary evaluation will still be required to determine whether a full consultation is needed to address your sleep concerns.

Sleep Coaching Package 
$550 + HST
Are you interested in learning more about age-appropriate sleep behaviours? Do you want to know WHY your baby is waking at night and create a plan to support them and soothe them WITHOUT ANY FORMAL SLEEP TRAINING? This package is for parens of babies/children at any age and is geared towards families who want to understand what 'normal' infant sleep looks like and how they can best support their baby through these stages.  The consultation lasts approximately 1-1.5 hours and includes:
Preliminary evaluation.
Private 60-90 minute minute consultation.
A discussion around age-appropriate sleep and what is 'normal'.
A brainstorming session on how to get more sleep.
Articles and handouts to further your understanding of sleep. 
Unlimited support for 1 month*.

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Newborn, Infant and Child Sleep Consulting Services

The Packages

Expecting Parents
$300 +HST
Having a baby? Want to learn about newborn sleep and how to create healthy sleep habits right from the start? Then this package is for you.  This sleep consultation lasts approximately 2 hours and includes:

  • Full newborn sleep education addressing the neurological, biological and behavioural components of sleep.
  • Suggestions for creating the optimal sleep environment.
  • Instruction on newborn calming and soothing techniques.
  • Expectant parents resource package.
  • 2 follow-up phone calls/emails* to be used within the first four months of baby’s arrival.