Pregnancy, Newborn, Infant and Child Sleep Coaching Services

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Our approach

The Baby-Led Sleep™ approach supports you in achieving your baby’s sleep goals, allowing you to set the pace that you’re most comfortable with. Our approach is sleep coaching, not sleep training, and we do not use any sleep training methods of any kind. No one knows your baby as well as you do, and we want to empower you to make choices that are right for you and your baby. 

We believe that sleeping—like eating—is both a needed and natural function of the body and not something that babies can be trained to do. In the same way that a parent picks up on visual and other cues that tell them when their child is hungry, we also need to pick up on the cues our babies give that tell us when they need to sleep. We support parents to tune in on those cues.
We also believe that it is the parents’ responsibility to support babies by providing an environment that is conducive to sleep. We want parents to avoid power struggles with their babies and to have a healthy attitude toward sleep so that a baby’s natural sleep rhythms are respected, and good sleep hygiene is practiced.

Your goals

All babies are individuals, and the factors that influence sleep can vary from baby to baby, as well as from situation to situation. To establish realistic goals for your baby’s age, we will help you understand what normal infant sleep looks like for a child at that age and stage of development. By examining the entire context for proper sleep, we use a holistic approach to provide you with as much support as you need as you set and achieve your goals, at your own pace.

The big picture

We address your sleep concerns with a full 360-degree lens to show you all the elements involved in creating healthy sleep. We take into consideration all of the factors that can have an impact on sleep, including your baby’s birth experience and unique temperament, your family dynamic, your personal parenting philosophy, and much more. We will first address all the foundational changes needed for sleep, and we will then show you how to tune into your baby’s cues so that you are able to develop your own individual method of soothing and guiding your baby to sleep.

The best results

We will provide you with thorough coaching and education so that you will understand the science behind your baby’s sleep, which will help to prepare you for any upcoming changes that could impact sleep in the future. Our comprehensive examination of your baby’s unique sleep history, including a full intake questionnaire, is critical to helping support you and your baby on the journey to healthy sleep.