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The course has helped me to feel so empowered to trust my instincts when it comes to caring for him and love that it aligns with my parenting style and places so much importance on attachment and connection.
This has easily been my best parenting purchase and is such an amazing resource to have in your toolkit.

Emma McFarland

After taking my first sleep course through Isla-Grace, I finally found an approach to guide my daughter’s sleep that felt right! It wiped me free of the guilt I had been feeling as I resisted the pressure to sleep train from our doctor, counsellor, and even family and friends. This course gave me the information I was looking for to finally support my natural instinct and the understanding about the science behind infant sleep that allowed me to guide my daughter in the right direction.

Shannon Sunega

I learned a lot and for me it was fundamentally helpful on a personal level by giving me research backed evidence to help me navigate all of the unsolicited advice I get from parents, in laws, my husband etc. about my baby’s sleep habits.

Ruth Johnson

Sleep From the Start

was created to help you navigate the first few months of life with a new baby.

There is so much information out there on parenting and sleep and it can be overwhelming.  It can be hard to filter out all of the “should’s” and really follow your heart.  In this course, we will walk you through 10 modules that cover everything you need to know about NORMAL INFANT sleep in the first five months.  We will give you SCIENCE and FACT-BASED information to help you make your own decisions about what works best for your UNIQUE family.

We will walk you through the common sleep challenges and interrupters in the first five months so that you can really understand what your baby is going through and respond to them with empathy and compassion.

We want you to find the confidence that you need to follow your instincts and your heart and navigate your baby’s sleep, right from the start.

Course Outcomes:

  • Understand NORMAL Infant Sleep
  • Find Your Baby's Unique Wake Times
  • Tune Into Any Signs of Discomfort
  • Set Up the Perfect Sleep Environment for Your Unique Baby
  • Understand Infant Feeding
  • Learn About Common Sleep Interrupters
  • Find Confidence in Your Unique Parenting Choices
  • Understand Your Baby's Unique Temperament
  • Begin Making Gentle Changes Around the Things That Are No Longer Working for You or Your Baby



Additional Resources:

  • Over 20 PDF's and Handouts
  • Bonus Materials / Lessons on Tongue Ties, Moving out of the Family Bed and Into the Crib
  • Discounted Call / Support Options
  • Articles for Additional Understanding
  • Discounts on Future Parenting Courses

CAD $125

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Julie Roberts
Posted 1 month ago
Excellent Course

This course was very helpful in helping me understand how intricate infant sleep is and provided me with strategies that I could use to help all of us improve our sleep.

Donna John
Posted 2 months ago
Greatly beneficial to 2nd time Mum with New baby

A very handy course to watch & learn from whilst feeding my second born each evening. I’ve learnt a lot that I would have benefitted from first time around linked to sleep expectations & going with my instincts vs resorting to sleep training. A feel much more positive and empowered to support both my children aged 18m & 4m with sleep challenges. I look forward to further courses. Thank you!

Posted 2 months ago

The course provides excellent overview of normal infant sleep from many perspectives. After completing all the lessons, I was able to see a bigger picture of healthy baby sleep. I highly recommend this course to all new parents!

Posted 2 months ago
Thorough and in-depth!

Fantastic learning advice from an experienced mother who is forthcoming about her learning experiences. This course is very detailed and in-depth, covering every aspect of sleep-related life with your new addition and drawing on a wide range of different resources and texts. With plenty of accompanying advice and tips I feel confident making adjustments with only a positive impact on my baby.

Rebecca Dillon
Posted 2 months ago
Great content

Loads of incredibly helpful information!

Jen Kuenzl
Posted 2 months ago
Peace of mind

This course was so helpful! My second baby is coming up to 3 months old and my first baby has always needed a lot of support around sleep. The information in this course gives me the confidence to go with my intuition, and not fall into the mental traps around infant sleep. The instruction is thoughtful, kind and knowledgeable. Thank you!

Rebecca Thompson
Posted 2 months ago
Helpful for new mum

I found the course very informative around all areas of sleep. It is hard to know as a new mum what is “normal” and I feel as though this course helped allay some of my concerns.

Posted 2 months ago
Worth every penny!

This course is so informative. I have so many times fallen into the trap of comparing my baby to others and feeling like something must be wrong if my baby wasn’t “measuring up”. This course reminded me about the uniqueness of my baby and also armed me with information about how to set the stage for optimal sleep while remaining a responsive parent. Can’t wait to take part 2!

Andrea Engelland
Posted 2 months ago
Not just for 1st time parents

Enjoyed this course and continued to expand my knowledge in preparation for our second child. After following Baby Led Sleep for some time, it was great to get a more formal collection of tips and information. Parenting from the heart for both mom and baby's health!

Posted 3 months ago

This course provides all of the information and research behind things that mothers feel instinctively. Having the evidence to back up what I feel in my gut has given me the confidence to move forward trusting my instincts. If you aren’t comfortable with sleep training - trust yourself! Don’t do it! Take this course instead, it will give you all of the reassurance and confidence you need.

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