Our Certified Sleep & Wellbeing Specialists have gone through extensive training in Isla-Grace's trademarked Baby-Led™ approach.


Nichola Cardella

Sleep Without Sleep Training
Website: sleepwithoutsleeptraining.com
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Nichola is a mother of a little boy who struggled with sleep. Feeling pressure to sleep train from family and friends she just knew in her gut there had to be a better way than to sleep train and leave her son to ‘cry it out.’ “I made myself completely crazy searching google… I was so overwhelmed and sleep-deprived trying to find a way to help my son with horrible reflux get some sleep. My anxiety vanished when I found an approach that wasn’t “Controlled Crying” or “Cry it out”. The baby-led sleep approach completely changed my life.”
When Nichola had the opportunity to become a Certified Baby-Led Sleep™ and Well-Being Specialist she was so excited!
“I love that I am able to effect change in families’ lives that are struggling like I was. I am so passionate about sharing ways to support sleep challenges without any sleep training, and at the same time fostering deeper lifelong connections and attachment. With help from my Childhood Development background, you will learn new parenting approaches and will gain such confidence in understanding your child’s sleep needs. What an exciting gift for me to share!”