Sleep Without Sleep Training




“The more I learn of your approach, the more impressed I am. Your thoughtful, informed, family and child honoring approach is so wonderful especially in a field where allowing babies to cry it out is almost seen as normal and inevitable. I have even suggested my daughter reach out to you with her 5-month-old twins.”

Dr. Jean Clinton
McMaster Children’s Hospital, Infant Mental Health

“Lauren is a caring professional who is continually growing herself and her business in ways that will best service families…I highly endorse Lauren!”

Brandie Hadfield
President of Attachment Parenting Canada

“She does not have a one-size fits all approach and she really tailors her advice to your specific situation, child, family and goals.”


“Lauren has a deep wealth of evidence-based knowledge and is light years ahead of the typical cookie cutter ‘sleep trainer’.”

Alex & May

The Parenting Beyond Sleep course has transformed the way I think about parenting and my relationship with my son. Truly from a holistic perspective and a relationship-based mindset. The material can be potentially triggering at first, but just what I needed to hear and learn. Understanding attachment theory, boundaries, emotion and my role as a mama in all of this helped me shift my perspective and parenting style. I did not realize I was avoiding my son’s emotion (as it triggered me) I, -insert boob here- and the potential effects that doing so could play on our relationship and his future. This course has made me want to become a better person and parent. I feel more equipped to handle situations and make changes both day and night with confidence when necessary in our home. I am so grateful to have been able to access and learn about this information. I can’t recommend this course enough! 10/10


Sleep Without Sleep Training

was created to help you navigate the challenges and frustrations around baby sleep in the first 18 months.

There is so much information out there on parenting and sleep and it can be overwhelming.  It can be hard to filter out all of the “should’s” and really follow your heart.  In this course, we will walk you through 11 modules that cover everything you need to know about NORMAL INFANT sleep, common sleep challenges and how to navigate these, as well as making changes to the parts of your nighttime parenting routine that are no longer working.  We will give you SCIENCE and FACT-BASED information to help you make your own decisions about what works best for your UNIQUE family.

We want you to find the confidence that you need to follow your instincts and your heart to navigate your baby’s sleep, all without sleep training.

Course Outcomes:

  • Understand NORMAL Infant Sleep
  • Find Your Baby's Unique Wake Times
  • Tune Into Any Signs of Discomfort
  • Set Up the Perfect Sleep Environment for Your Unique Baby
  • Understand Infant Feeding
  • Learn About Common Sleep Interrupters
  • Find Confidence in Your Unique Parenting Choices
  • Understand Your Baby's Unique Temperament
  • Begin Making Gentle Changes Around the Things That Are No Longer Working for You or Your Baby



Additional Resources:

  • Over 20 PDF's and Handouts
  • Bonus Materials / Lessons on Tongue Ties, Moving out of the Family Bed and Into the Crib
  • Discounted Call / Support Options
  • Articles for Additional Understanding
  • Discounts on Future Parenting Courses

CAD $125

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Tammy Barnett
Posted 1 month ago
Helpful and Thorough

I just loved this course, after watching some other "sleep trainer" videos, I was more confused and hate all the separation techniques they use so it was refreshing to find this course and know, you are not alone and you don't have to CIO! I also LOVED that she talks about temperament and how that can affect sleep. No other course addresses that!

Amber Marks
Posted 1 month ago
Educational and informative

Provided a lot of very useful information as well as information about babies/children that will be helpful for years to come. Provides you with things to reflect on in your parenting journey and tools to adjust/make changes that you feel your family needs while recognizing that every child/family and parent is different and therefore every situation is unique and requires unique approach.

Eilidh Shankland
Posted 2 months ago
An amazing insight into understanding my baby

This course was amazing! I so enjoyed learning about sleep and how to support my baby as we try to move from bed to crib. Lauren is so knowledgeable and the course content was easy to access even when so exhausted! I feel more confident to tackle night wake ups and also how to night wean properly. I’m looking forward to trying her parenting course in the future. Thanks again!

Kerrie Dalton
Posted 2 months ago

I’ve often struggled with comments such as “you nurse to sleep” “your baby sleeps in your bed?!” “Let him cry it out” in my gut I knew this was wrong and I spent so many nights sobbing in his nursery when he wouldn’t sleep, this course has taught me not only is it normal but that infact I’m just strongly in tune with my babies needs, responding to biological needs of your baby isn’t a Rod! Amazing

Dalia Ezzat
Posted 2 months ago
An absolute must for all new mamas

This course has helped me tremendously in understanding normal infant sleep, how to approach the challenges that come with it and how to follow my baby’s cues and support his development. The course offers comprehensive, fact and science based information that encompasses all factors affecting sleep (nutrition, temperament, environment , etc). This is an invaluable resource for all new moms

Naomi Ridley
Posted 2 months ago
Very informative and refreshing course

This course provides detailed evidence based information on normal infant sleep in an easy to understand and engaging format. This program is perfect for parents who are seeking support in helping their baby to sleep better in a way that protects the parent child relationship. I am happy to have found a course that moves beyond sleep training and focuses on attachment.

Alison Feeney
Posted 2 months ago
I am a happy mama!

I wish I had taken this course with my first baby!Not only do I have a great understanding of what is normal infant sleep but my perspective has completely shifted. I no longer feel like a failure because I parent my child at night. I have learned that I do not have to give up nursing to sleep in order for my baby to sleep through. It has made me in tune with my son and I am forever great full.

Laura Warren
Posted 2 months ago
Take the course, study up on this approach. It’s so worth it!

I love how the information is based on science, psychology, AND respects our natural instincts. The biggest impact was how this information adjusted my expectations to reality and saved my first-time mom experience. The information also clued me in to an underlying condition causing his frequent, almost hourly wakings that would have otherwise gone undiagnosed & resort to outdated CIO sleep method

Lisa Bauer
Posted 2 months ago
Great for adoptive moms too!

Great course. I feel myself thinking about “sleep pressure” and what my baby needs more than ever. All of the caring thoughts and suggestions really stuck with me. As an adoptive mom I found this really helpful in my desire to foster my baby’s attachment and development.

Lauri Comoli
Posted 2 months ago
Very thorough

The course really helps you understand what normal baby sleep is like. I took a big sigh of relief knowing that the way my baby sleeps (or doesn't) is completely normal.

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