“Finding Lauren was a breath of fresh air.”

"I first contacted Lauren desperate for some sleep. My daughter wanted to be latched all night waking me every hour. I became OBSESSED with the idea of a restful night. I interviewed three sleep coaches before Lauren. I even hired (then fired) one who pretended to use gentle techniques, or what my husband and I like to call ‘cry-it-out-while-we-watch'.

She had a few tricks up her sleeve that helped us almost instantly. Most importantly, we didn’t use ANY FORMAL SLEEP TRAINING that made my daughter cry. She also became a parenting guru for me when I was fighting some internal battles as a new mama. She reminded me to do what works best for ME and for HER, within reason. She basically brought me back my sanity. No amount of money in the world can truly compensate Lauren for how she has helped me. I will likely do the Expecting Mamas course for baby number two so things don’t have to get as bad as they did with baby one." 



“She does not have a one-size-fits all approach and really tailors her advice to your specific situation, child, family and goals."

"Lauren’s approach is gentle and loving and allowed us to implement positive changes to our toddler’s sleep without feeling guilty that we were neglecting him emotionally by leaving him to cry unsupported.

Lauren’s holistic approach considers not only what is happening around bedtime, but your child’s unique personality and needs, as well as the child’s eating habits, etc. We have applied her techniques not just to sleep but to parenting more broadly, as she has given us tools to more confidently be able to set loving limits and boundaries for our toddler - tools I expect we will continue to use for a long time.

Lauren is so available, so supportive and so so kind. Not only did she provide us with strategies that dramatically improved our child’s quality of sleep, but she supported my husband and I emotionally through the changes we were making. I always felt like she was there for and truly cared about all three of us."

"Lauren is a caring professional who is continually growing herself and her business in ways that will best service families. Her newest campaign is a beautiful testament to her passion and integrity. I highly endorse Lauren!"

— Brandie Hadfield, President of Attachment Parenting Canada



“Lauren has a deep wealth of evidence-based knowledge and is light years ahead of the typical cookie cutter 'sleep trainer'."

"We can't say enough about Lauren and the incredible help she has provided. We came to her seeking help in sleep coaching for our Infant. After working with her for some time we realized that she was helping us with a lot more than just sleep. Her coaching and mentorship has empowered us with new ways to have a more meaningful experience and stronger relationship with our child. We realized in the process that the relationship around sleep is one of the most tender and intimate interactions and we feel extremely lucky to be guided by her."


“We never felt rushed and she really cared that we got the outcome that we needed - for that we are sooo appreciative!"

"Working with Lauren has been great for so many reasons. To start, she helped me to become a part of the bedtime routine which I now realize is so important. She also helped our daughter Isla to sleep through the night without resorting to sleep training methods (like cry it out) that don't really fit with our parenting philosophy. What's more is that she stayed with us all the way through (until Isla was sleeping through the night) and gave us as much support as we needed."

“I can't thank her enough. I still nurse my son to sleep every night and he now sleeps for 12 hours. I never in a million years thought it was possible.... Thank YOU!!!!"




 In time, I gained confidence, learned what to expect, quit obsessing over timings and became my own kid sleep specialist."

"The best part of it? My baby started to sleep 11-12 hours at night, napped beautifully during the day and never cried herself to sleep. It is possible, it does take a bit longer but no one out there is better than Lauren to show you how."