I worked with Lauren when my 15 month old was waking 4-7 times a night, and nursing all night long. I was too tired to be a good parent and had to go back to work. Lauren supported our family by helping us customize an arrangement would work best for us, and then helped us get there in a way that respected our attachment philosophy and supported my super-sensitive baby’s emotional, sensory, and physical needs. I never imagined that we could all be getting full night’s sleep without ‘sleep training’, but here we are. An amazing bonus was that Lauren helped me shift my thinking around parenting in such a healthy and necessary way. I didn’t realize I was tiptoeing around my daughter’s emotions, trying to keep her appeased (like a newborn) instead of respectfully helping her learn how to manage her emotions and treating her like the toddler she had become. Sarah

From our first phone call, it was evident to me that Lauren was not your average sleep coach. Her approach was different, and something I felt really comfortable getting on board with. As a first time mother I found myself most comfortable with the attachment style of parenting, but I could not understand how this philosophy and sleep training could go hand in hand. Lauren helped me understand how I didn't have to compromise my attachment philosophy to get us both more sleep.  Lauren was able to help me understand what realistic sleep expectations should look like for my baby in terms of her age and development.  Lauren encourages and reminds me to work at a pace that my baby and I are comfortable with. I am so happy that I found Lauren and that she continues to support our families sleep goals. Sara

As a new mom, you are bombarded with advice from everyone under the sun. But one piece of advice (from my own mother, of course!) stuck with me: you are the parent and you know your child best; follow your instincts and you'll be just fine. What I loved about working with Lauren is that this piece of advice is what drives her entire practice! I never felt like I was doing anything that went against what I felt was best for my kids. I never felt pressured into any kind of textbook training techniques. Lauren worked with us to come up with unique strategies that were tailored to our children's needs, and our parenting style. Now, I've become that annoying parent giving advice to new moms - except that my only advice is to call Lauren! Thanks for everything you did to help us reach our sleep goals.  Cayla

"When we first started working with Lauren we felt hopeless. Our baby was almost 5 months old and the only way that we could get her to sleep at night was by letting her sleep in a swing. Although the thought of transferring her to a crib felt like an impossible feat, within a few weeks with Lauren's coaching we were able to get our daughter to sleep in her crib without the need to use sleep training methods that we felt uncomfortable with. Lauren has been life saver and has been an amazing source of knowledge and support with not only sleep, but the many other emotions and questions that we had as new parents. I have recommended Lauren to several of my friends who are looking for someone who is caring, compassionate and an expert in helping to foster healthy sleep, all while being able to follow your own instincts and have a say in the process - thank you Lauren!" Michelle

Lauren's Baby-Led approach worked wonders for my son and our family.  Lauren taught me the fundamentals of infant sleep and helped me apply my new understanding to establish a sleep routine that worked for the whole family.  Lauren helped my son and I transition from co-"sleeping" to sleeping in separate rooms in a gentle, responsive, and intuitive manner that ultimately helped each of us get a much better night's sleep. Kailea

We reached out to Lauren to help improve the sleep quality for our little boy. He was already falling asleep independently and wasn't a horrible sleeper, BUT we felt his sleep quality could be improved and we needed the help of an expert to create a healthy sleep schedule to meet his sleep needs. She helped us get through a very rough and rocky 3-2 nap transition. What we LOVED about Lauren was her timeless support. She does not have a one-size fits-all approach to baby sleep. She recognized how my little one had very unique sleep needs and where other sleep consultants had failed, she succeeded because she tailored and continuously tweaked a plan to suit his needs. She was also very understanding of our family dynamic. Yondy

Dear new parents,

As a new mother, like yourself, you probably realize that sleep is possibly the greatest blessing a child and mom can ever enjoy.  Conversely, the lack of sleep is the greatest threat to the developmental well-being of a child and your sanity.  Yet the determinants of sleep is multifactorial and is highly dependent on your child's temperament.  As such, there is no "one-size-fits-all" method for getting your baby to sleep.  Lauren provided us with an approach that was tailored to our child.  She was attentive to our pleas and our needs, she guided us through the process patiently.  Lauren was our quarterback and our cheerleader as we worked without LO.  She not only helped to improve sleep for our LO but also provided us with the tools and concepts to deal with future sleep challenges and build resiliency during those infamous "leaps" that our LO goes through.  We can't thank Lauren enough and she deserves every praise showered upon her.

Wishing you best of luck in sleep training your LO.

Mary and Kevin

If it wasn’t for Lauren and her expertise my husband and I would still be chronically sleep deprived, cranky, drinking too much coffee and functioning at half capacity on a good day. This was our reality for ten long months – 6 of which I thought this type of behaviour was normal and I just had to “tough it out”. As our daughter started approaching the one year mark I realized that unless I sought help nothing was going to change; especially after we did all the research and tried “sleep training” on our own and we failed miserably.
Lauren is not only a very qualified sleep consultant but she is also a very caring, attentive, and detailed oriented individual who will customize a sleep plan for your baby and your family. In my case, I had to work around my son’s school schedule.  Lauren made herself available to me and my husband at all times of the day and was a great coach keeping us on track. Even as I type this I can’t believe my baby is sleeping all night every night. When people ask me for Lauren’s “sleep secrets” it’s very hard to convey because she helped us make many small changes along with some big ones such as adding more sleep during the day and making bedtime a lot earlier!!

The end result of us hiring Lauren… My baby sleeps through the night… I sleep through the night… And life is really good again! Thanks Lauren!

Paulina & Bart

2 months ago my 21-month-old was not only full-time co-sleeping in my bed but he had to sleep on my head holding my hair. He couldn’t sleep unless he was on or extremely close to me. He still had between 4-10 wake ups a night. The medical community thought possibly sleep apnea or a possible medical reason for the chronic wakeups but he still required my help to sleep and get back to sleep. He would not sleep in his room at all and hated even being changed in there.
I am ecstatic to report with the help of Lauren Alysha Heffernan and our gradual and gentle approach to his needs, that he now sleeps in his own room, in his own bed…. by himself. He falls asleep with me sitting on his bed and I don’t need to hold him, rock him or lie beside him but he still feels safe and happy and there are no tears at all. When it’s time to go to bed he happily goes to his room and gets ready for bed.
Throughout this process, I also learned that based on his temperament, age and his needs that we needed to try different solutions and take our time. I couldn’t be happier that we engaged the help of Lauren for this. I believe it's important to understand that we want kids to feel safe in their sleep environment but also they are still babies or small kids and they need us too. The approach we took was gradual and gentle and got me to a goal that I didn’t believe would be possible.
Thanks again Lauren!"

After reading all the books, interviewing 6 sleep consultants and previously working with 1, I finally found Lauren and she was a breath of fresh air!
My 11month old was only napping in my arms and waking at 5am. I knew the two were related but didn’t know how to fix it. Right away I knew Lauren was different because she listens during the consultation call and didn’t speak until I had explained what was happening and what my goals were.  Lauren’s approach is more than just getting your child to sleep. Her very detailed questionnaire allows you to describe not only what the current situation is but also to describe your family dynamic. I liked that she wanted to know me and my family before considering an approach to take.
Her support is second to none. Every step of the way she is there asking questions and making suggestions. She cares about how things are progressing and when she makes an appointment for a call, she is always on time.  This was very important to me since I had a bad experience with someone else. She replies very quickly to emails which is great ‘in the moment’ support when you need it.
Today my daughter falls asleep on her own for naps and wakes between  6-630am which is suited to our family’s schedule. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome and highly recommend Lauren!!

If we hadn't reached out to Lauren when we did we would have been in the fetal position! Our sweet little boy had been waking every 1.5-2 hours nightly and napping very little during the day. Enter Lauren with her compassionate plan for getting our little guy back on track. There was a daily outreach of support and an adaptable plan. Our little boy now only wakes for feeding once a night and he has extended his naps to an hour plus. Thank you Lauren!

When Tristan was born, we thought we’d finally been blessed with a good sleeper. He slept like a newborn is expected to (woke often) until about 6 weeks or so and then started sleeping better than I ever could have imagined. He was so easy and would nap anywhere and everywhere during the day. And he’d usually wake once at night to eat and then go back to sleep until morning. It was unbelievable to me after our first born, but we were feeling very fortunate. Then we hit 10-week mark and my amazing sleeper started going through all kinds of growing and developmental changes and waking often. I used the best tool I had to get him back to sleep quickly – I fed him. But from there, things snowballed and his frequent wakings turned into difficult nights and shorter and shorter naps.
When I got connected with Lauren, I immediately had a sense of relief. She was amazing. We started working with her at the perfect time for Tristan. We were bouncing on a yoga ball for more hours in a day than I could count just to get him to sleep. And now, he goes down completely on his own, in his crib, and is happy to do so. He took to the changes that we were implementing with very minimal fuss and is sleeping so much better. No more 30-minute naps and night times get better and better!
Lauren was knowledgeable and supportive. My feverish “what have I done wrong now” emails were always answered calmly and with a helpful and timely solution that could be implemented the next time I put him to sleep. He’s so much happier and content during the day during his wake times, and we’re so much happier as well.  

Thank you Lauren!