Toddler Bedtime Battles




The course has helped me to feel so empowered to trust my instincts when it comes to caring for him and love that it aligns with my parenting style and places so much importance on attachment and connection.
This has easily been my best parenting purchase and is such an amazing resource to have in your toolkit.

Emma McFarland

After taking my first sleep course through Isla-Grace, I finally found an approach to guide my daughter’s sleep that felt right! It wiped me free of the guilt I had been feeling as I resisted the pressure to sleep train from our doctor, counsellor, and even family and friends. This course gave me the information I was looking for to finally support my natural instinct and the understanding about the science behind infant sleep that allowed me to guide my daughter in the right direction.

Shannon Sunega

I learned a lot and for me it was fundamentally helpful on a personal level by giving me research backed evidence to help me navigate all of the unsolicited advice I get from parents, in laws, my husband etc. about my baby’s sleep habits.

Ruth Johnson

Toddler Bedtime Battles

will break down the top five reasons that we see toddlers fighting bedtime. We will look at connection, attachment and setting boundaries and loving limits. You will come away with practical strategies that you can implement immediately to make bedtime enjoyable again for you and your little one.

Course Outcomes:

  • Understand Attachment and What is Required for a Secure Attachment.
  • See your Child Differently and Understand their Behavior
  • Understand the Common reasons for Toddler Bedtime Battles.
  • Learn About Sleep Needs and Requirements
  • Learn How to Bridge Overnight and Reduce Separation
  • How to Change Your Bedtime Routines For Your Unique Child
  • Learn How to Set Boundaries and Loving Limits.
  • Come Away With Practical Strategies for making Bedtime More Enjoyable.



Additional Resources:

  • TONS of additional videos
  • Additional Handouts and Articles
  • Expert Videos

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Posted 3 weeks ago
Better understanding of my Baby!

I am so happy and grateful that I found Lauren and this course! The information provided goes far beyond sleep advice. Focusing more on the emotional support of my toddler, rather than stressing over his sleep, has already made a huge impact on my relationship with my son and we are seeing improvements with bedtime battles. The course is super easy to follow and I learned so much!

Sara Mehrafshani
Posted 1 month ago
Very happy and grateful for this course on toddler sleep!

This course went into depth on several key factors that can play a role in toddler bedtime troubles well as practical shifts you can make to help sleep come smoother. Hint: Much of it relates to relationship & what happens (and what doesn't) in the day. Thanks to this course, I now have several ideas to consider on what might be the root of my son's sleep issues & what I can do to shift this.

Trudy Bowlin
Posted 1 month ago
So Much More Than A Course On Sleep!

I took this course to help me prevent any bedtime problems with my soon to be toddler. But the information in the course transcends sleep issues and touches on your relationship with your child. I am so glad to have found Isla-Grace and this course. I now feel much more confident in my parenting ability as my son approaches toddler hood and feel like I know what to do if sleep problems arise.

Nicole Tong
Posted 1 month ago
Amazing Course!

This course will give you everything you need to know (and so much more) about bedtime battles. Lauren is amazing at what she does and she made the course easy to go through. Highly recommend!

Allison Berg
Posted 1 month ago
Great Information

I really enjoyed this course. I have so many new things to start working on with my toddler. I feel like I will be listening to the segments many times over the next few months to really take it all in as we start practicing the suggestions.

Kristina Relph
Posted 1 month ago
Great information!

I took the 5-18 month sleep and feeding course when I was struggling with my 9 month old waking up twice a night. Things are going much better now that she is 19 months old. While she sleeps well, it takes her a long time to fall asleep at nap and bedtime. This course gave me a lot of insight and I am excited to try some of the strategies! Like others have said, it can also apply to my 5 year old.

Katherine Piedrahita
Posted 1 month ago
Love, love, love this course!

I have been following Lauren for a while and love her philosophy,.its exactly how I want to parent. This course gives so much information and insight. Especially the section on feeling disconnected and separation - made me reflect on how I’m spending my time with the kiddies after work in the evenings and why my toddler likes to party at night! Also found it really transferable for my 6 year old !

Posted 2 months ago
Absolutely loved this course!

So much information that is really easy to follow and digest. I truly feel like I now have the knowledge needed to make changes to pieces of bedtime I no longer enjoy and I now understand the importance of setting and holding a boundary. I love how passionate Lauren is and how she shares her experiences and providing the tools and information for us in a compassionate way.

Posted 2 months ago
Better understanding of Sleep!

This course definitely has helped me understand what is it that my child needs from me in order to help him with his needs before bedtime. These guidelines have been a big help!

Rebecca Urbanski
Posted 2 months ago
Mom's life CHANGED for the better.

I have been following Lauren for over a year and her approach completely changed my relationship with my child and her sleep. With her guidance and course, I was able to reconnected with what I KNEW WAS BEST for my child and my famliy creating my own naturing supportive approch, where I now have a GREAT AGE appropriate sleeper and new more realistic expectation - peace and happiness at bedtime

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