Our Certified Sleep & Wellbeing Specialists have gone through extensive training in Isla-Grace's trademarked Baby-Led™ approach.


Photo of Nichola Cardella
Nichola Cardella
Sleep Without Sleep Training

Nichola is a mother of a little boy who struggled with sleep. Feeling pressure to sleep train from family and friends she just knew in her gut there had to be a better way than to sleep train and leave her son to ‘cry it out.’ “I made myself completely crazy searching google… I was so overwhelmed and sleep-deprived trying to find a way to help my son with horrible reflux get some sleep. My anxiety vanished when I found an approach that wasn’t “Controlled Crying” or “Cry it out”. The baby-led sleep approach completely changed my life.”
When Nichola had the opportunity to become a Certified Baby-Led Sleep™ and Well-Being Specialist she was so excited!
“I love that I am able to effect change in families’ lives that are struggling like I was. I am so passionate about sharing ways to support sleep challenges without any sleep training, and at the same time fostering deeper lifelong connections and attachment. With help from my Childhood Development background, you will learn new parenting approaches and will gain such confidence in understanding your child’s sleep needs. What an exciting gift for me to share!”

Photo of Jenn Cerson
Jenn Cerson
Heartfelt Slumber

Jenn is a mom of two who struggled with sleep challenges. Her attempts at helping her eldest made her feel anxious and as though she was failing as a parent. Her words about sleep training, “It did not feel normal or right in my gut but everything I read told me I had to continue to teach her how to sleep. So I found an approach that worked with me and my babe!”

Jenn became inspired me to want to help other moms in their struggle on their family’s own journey. When she was given the opportunity to become a Baby-Led™ Sleep and Well-Being Specialist, she jumped. Now she not only has the passion but the skills and tools to help moms who are challenged with sleep and need some support and guidance to get the relationship back that they deserve with their little one(s).

Photo of Valerie Groysman
Valerie Groysman
Talkin Sleep
Valerie is a registered social worker in Ontario. Her services may be covered in part or in whole by your work benefits provider. Valerie specializes in young children (0-6) and their parents, relationships, and anxiety treatment.
As a new mom, when her son was 4 months old her pediatrician informed her that her options were to accept a minimum of 3 years of bad sleep or to sleep train. Neither was the right option for her family.
Valerie found Lauren and the Baby-Led™ Sleep Approach. After transforming her own family’s sleep journey, this is what she has to say, “I am here to tell you there are things you can do to support your baby to sleep that don’t involve feeling guilty or bad.”
Photo of Kaylan Hawkins
Kaylan Hawkins
Sleep Consultant

Kaylan lives in Hamilton, Ontario (Canada) with her husband and 2 beautiful daughters. This is what she has to say about being a Baby-Led™ Certified Sleep Coach.

“I have always had a passion for helping others and discovered Baby-Led Sleep™ and became obsessed with it. Lauren’s course completely changed me and helped me on my own parenting journey. I truely love helping families through this type of work and am such an advocate for this approach as it gets to the root of the problem without having to sleep train. I am beyond excited to be a certified sleep and well-being specialist and look forward to working with the wonderful families out there!”

Photo of Lauren Heffernan
Lauren Heffernan

Lauren earned a Bachelor of Education at McMaster University and Queensland University of Technology. Four years of teaching Junior Kindergarten through Grade 4 inspired a passion for education and play-based learning. 

After giving birth to her first daughter, Grace, Lauren learned the many challenges of navigating motherhood. These included the multitude of books, information, and people with strong opinions on the right way to be a mother.  She quickly learned that the best parent to her child was herself and that in trusting her instincts, she would never go wrong.

With this belief, and after certification with the International Maternity and Parenting Institute’s Maternity and Child Sleep Consulting Program, Bebo Mia’s Infant Sleep Educator Program and Mohawk College’s Breastfeeding Program, Lauren launched Isla-Grace. She provides information and support to women at different stages of motherhood, and walks each one through the personal journey to become a more confident mother.  

Photo of Sarah Hemstock
Sarah Hemstock
Instinctual Sleep

Sarah, the founder of Instinctual Sleep, has spent months learning from Lauren Heffernan who is co-creator of the Baby-Led Sleep™ Approach. Using this approach Sarah has been able to change the way she viewed bedtime and night wakings with her own children. As a mother of two young boys, Sarah has become passionate about following your heart and listening to your instincts when it comes to knowing what it is best for your child. She believes that taking a holistic approach to sleep without the use of any formal sleep training can empower parents to be the best answer for their children.

Let Sarah help you to connect with your child on a deeper level while empowering them to sleep.

Photo of Taylor Kulik
Taylor Kulik
Taylor Kulik, LLC

Taylor is an occupational therapist turned Postpartum & Family Wellness Coach. Her specialty is supporting families who choose not to sleep train, and she is so thrilled to be able to offer Baby-Led™ Sleep support now! Taylor understands that mental health & wellness is complex, and she strongly believes there is a way to support both the parent and child’s wellness without sacrificing one or the other. Taylor utilizes her diverse background & education in occupational therapy, mental health, postpartum care, and sleep to holistically support families to thrive.

Photo of Elli Pears
Elli Pears
Glowing Hearts Sleep Co.

As a mother of 2, Elli quickly realized that baby sleep was not something that came easily to many families.  She struggled to get her baby to fall asleep and stay asleep and felt pressured by all the books and experts to make a change or continue to live a sleep deprived life forever. She then set out to find an alternative solution to baby sleep challenges. One that she could identify with and that aligned with her values as a mom.

Elli is passionate about helping families to understand what normal infant and toddler sleep looks like. She loves working with families to change the pieces of a family’s sleep routine that they no longer enjoy while empowering them to hold on to all the pieces they love.

Photo of Crystal Sangha
Crystal Sangha
Sangha Dance Movement Yoga

Crystal started her journey as a primary school educator that has taken her around Canada until she settled in Kincardine, Ontario over 5 years ago where she founded Sangha (Dance. Movement. Yoga). She hopes to inspire her community to come back to their true basics of breath, movement, and intuition, along with supporting and encouraging each other on following your own goals and dreams. This has brought Crystal to working more and more with educating parents on finding and following their own intuition to support themselves and their little ones. Crystal is so excited to add Baby-Led Sleep™ and Well-being specialist into her programs, along with supporting families one on one as Baby-Led Sleep is truly about listening to your own intuition and creating true attachment in families in order for little ones to find their own paths to becoming who they truly are.

Photo of Kaitlin Vanosch
Kaitlin Vanosch
Connection Kind

Kaitlin is a self-proclaimed child-development nerd, geeking out on all things early years. As an adult, she studied psychology, early childhood education and forest school. She worked with children and families for over a decade before becoming a mother herself. It was then that she realized the internet is full of either-or extremes, and reconciling peaceful parenting with parental self-care is no easy feat. Her practice is rooted in respect and connection-centered approaches. She advocates that families can get the sleep they need in a way that doesn’t jeopardize the sacred parent-child relationship.

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